Date(s) - 03/04/2023 - 03/05/2023
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Red Huskies is excited to host a weekend of nose work with Garrett Dyer at Springdale Preparatory School in New Windsor, MD.

The weekend will be split into 4 workshops each appropriate to the team’s level of training. Each workshop will focus on strengthening the working relationship and communication between dog and handler through a range of challenging search scenarios with respect to the dogs level of training.  Each workshop will also feature particular challenges typically encountered at that level and how to introduce or hone the skills needed to perform at that level and introduce concepts at the handler’s next level.

Teams can register for any or all workshops.  Search scenarios and discussions will vary between workshops and will cater to the workshop level’s experience. A small questionnaire will be sent to teams ahead of time to identify each team’s skill level, experience and what they would like to take home from the workshop.

Day 1 (Morning): NW1 and NW2 teams.

Day 1 (Afternoon): NW3 teams and those preparing for elite

Day 2 (Morning): Currently working in elite and summit teams

Day 2 (Afternoon): Currently working in elite and summit teams

Each session may cover a similar concept but tweaked for the session’s level. For instance, more hides may be added or more search area added as the difficulty in level rises.  For the two elite/summit sessions, search areas may be different and may cover different concepts. If a team registers for both sessions- they will not rerun the same scenarios unless it is with a different dog. Either the concept or the search area will change for teams signing up for both sessions. We are likely to use all new areas and similar concepts or repeat a larger area with a different concept or hides- unless there are all unique teams. Get it? You must register and pay for each session separately.

Schedule Below (subject to change slightly)

Morning session: 8am-1:30pm

8-8:30am:  Registration, coffee/snacks
8:30-9am: Morning briefing
9am-1pm: Breakout sessions (with one small 15 minute break)
1-1:30pm: Let’s Talk Dog/conclusion

1:30-2pm: LUNCH break
2-2:30pm: SETUP

Afternoon session: 2-7pm
2-2:30pm:  Registration, coffee/snacks
2:30-3pm: Afternoon briefing
3-6:30pm: Breakout sessions (with one small 15 minute break)
6:30-7pm: Let’s Talk Dog/conclusion

“Let’s Talk Dog” discussion is designed as a question and answer session geared towards allowing participants to engage in relevant dog training discussion pertaining to Nosework.

Price per session for each working team: $175 (not including meals). Meals can be purchased/coordinated with the host the week prior to the seminar. 12 working teams total each day, 6 per session.

Questions? Feedback?

Cancellation policy: a full refund will be given if your spot is filled with someone on the waitlist, or if no waitlist, you can find someone to take your spot. Otherwise, no refund will be given. Payment is needed at registration to secure your spot.


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