Date(s) - 04/23/2023
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Red Huskies is excited to host a day of nose work games with Aaron Adamak at Springdale Preparatory School in New Windsor, MD on Sunday, April 23rd.

This game day will require two dog and handler pairs to team together to tackle a set of challenges/searches. The games/challenges/searches will be designed by Jen and Aaron with the site’s environment and skill levels of the dogs entered. Challenges may require one or both handler/dog pairs to run searches, either at the same or different time. Please let the host know if there are any reactive dogs entering. You may choose to partner with another dog your dog is comfortable with. If your dog is not OK searching in the proximity of your teammate’s dog, then we can make an accommodation. Not all searches will have both dogs present at the same time. You may wish to partner with a more experienced team, or find solidarity joining with another team of the same level.

You can register as a team, or individual to be paired. Since this is a team event, individuals will be paired with other individuals. You will be involved in the pairing process but not all accommodations can be made.  If there are no partners available, you can run a modified version solo if space permits after all registered teams and teams paired up, have been accommodated.

Checkin will be at 8:30am.

At the moment, there are 15 teams allowed to register. This number may increase (as challenges and times are finalized to determine if more teams can be accommodated).

Price $250/per team;  $125/individual.

Please try to register as a team. Take some time to find a partner, but not too much time!

Lunch can be purchased/coordinated with the host the week prior to the game day.

Questions? Feedback?

Cancellation policy: a full refund will be given if your spot is filled with someone on the waitlist, or if no waitlist, you can find someone to take your spot. Otherwise, 50% will be refunded for cancellations before April 9. After April 9, no refund will be given if the spot if not backfilled. Payment is needed at registration to secure your spot.


Registration is closed for this event.